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Healing With Viruses

Traditionally, in the days before science and medial analysis, virus were cured in many weird ways, Some methods of curing viruses included water torture, burning, mutilation and even cranial hole drilling. This was due predominantly to two major facts. 1) People were generally ignorant of the fact that viruses even existed, ergo tending to blame infections on gods, demons and bad spirits. 2) People were neither friendly nor acceptant of other peoples 'spiritual' shortcomings.

Most often, when a viral infestation broke out, many thousands of people would die, often wiping out entire villages before the virus had a chance to run its course.

Today, we even use the very viruses themselves in their cure in the form of vaccines. There are also several other methods of chemical therapy to stabilize the onslaught and incubation of a virus. We've certainly come a long way over the last 500 years!
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