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History of Viruses

History of Viruses

Viruses have a long and rich history with human beings. From the earlier days with little to no comprehension of molecular biology, our human ancestors fought a vigilant but losing battle against their infestations. Earlier viral infestations were originally thought to be plagues from God, or acts of the devil. Common across many cultures was the systematic belief that these infections were punishments for sins and corruption.

Today however, viruses have been seen, studied and monitored across a wide variety of situations. Our knowledge of this reality has stemmed a whole host of research (see 'Functional Uses') into many independent fields. Our study and publications (see 'Research') span across the globe, freely monitored by any citizens that choose to do so, representing a large collective knowledge above and beyond our 'sooths' of many years ago.

The History of the virus is rich within our culture. Through the scientific community, global communication and knowledge sharing have led to a collective understanding of the virus as a whole, thanks to the amazing efforts of many great scientists.

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