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Despite their bad reputation, viruses are remarkably complex little compounds, capable of a great many things on the molecular level.

Viruses have the ability to break and enter into many different host cell environments. As such, their molecular biology makes them particularily apt for copying in the field of nano-robots. Robots, designed to operate non-invasively within the human body on a cellular level, are basically having the 'survival' components of different types of viruses added on to their structures, allowing them to partake in many different kinds of logical activities, similar to the survival based necessity of the virus itself.

Currently, viruses can be used in DNA micro arrays as well as molecular electronics. While it won't do justice to get into those topics briefly here, it will suffice to point out, that these fields had not even been conceived of just 40 years ago, and now (today) we're using the very life base of infectious diseases to alter the body biologically on a cellular level.

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