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Gene Therapy

Gene therapy refers to the functional treatment of hereditary diseases by means of practical genetic applications, altering the DNA content of a patients cell, allowing for the cure and elimination of genetic diseases on a purely internal level.

Basically, a particular gene, which found to be the cause of a particular hereditary (gene based) disease will have any regressive alleles removed from the genetic chain, and then a successful (proper) allele will be substituted in its place, thereby disabling the genetic (predisposed) weakness that a particular individual may have maintained to a specific disease type.

Performed in 1990, the first practical application of gene therapy allowed the medical community a new and practically entirely non-invasive manner in which totally (otherwise) incurable diseases could now be entirely eliminated from the body using the knowledge of practical application, and without great cost or risk to the patient.

Viruses, because of their particular ability to 'hack' into cells, are used in gene therapy as assistive devices, used to disassemble the genetic strings and recombine them using the proper genetic insertions.

Despite their deadly reputation, viruses possess some incredible natural tools, which properly used, can be a means of performing entirely non0invasive surgeries to the human body on a cellular (especially a genetic) level.

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