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The caulimovirus is a non enveloped virus containing a nucleocapsid of either one of two forms. The bacilliform type of this virus is longitudinal in form, and is usually about 35-50 nanometers in diameter and approximately 900 nanometers in length. Isometric types, on the other hand are usually about 45-50 nanometers in diameter, possessing and icosahedral symmetry.

Caulimoviridae are reverse transcribing in their replication process. This refers to the fact that the DNA genome within the virus itself replicates backwards in relation to other viral DNA.

This viral family contains ALL of the double stranded DNA plant viruses known to humanity. The family also contains the following genuses according to nucleocapsid identity: The Cauliflower Mosaic Virus is actually a member of this family.

Bacilliform: Badnavirus, Tungovirus

Isometric: Cavemovirus, Caulimovirus, Petavirus, Soymovirus

Seen below is are rough images of the to nucleocapsid variations of the virus.

Bacilliform Variation

Isometric Variation

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