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The Arenavirus is a large spherically shaped virus, about 110-130 nanometers in diameter, enveloped in a lipid membrane. The genetic core of the virus, composed entirely of RNA is still a mystery to scientists in terms of its replication methods, even to this day.

Predominantly and infector of rats, this particular virus typically causes fevers in the hosts it infects. Particularly important in terms of its relationship to humans, the Arenavirus is responsible for the disease known as rabies. Deadly to everyone it infects, this viral infection is hard to treat unless dealt with in a very short period of time after infection.

Aside from its common victims (i.e. mice, rats, bats and humans), the Adenavirus is often carried by mosquitoes and ticks, the transmission of which leads to many different forms of fevers within animals. Seen below is (left) a diagram of the virus, and (right) an electron microscope image of the same virus.

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