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Virus Types

Virus Classification

The ICTV classification system, or the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses classification system was designed to organize viruses into their biological categories according the the familiar latin naming system endowed upon our scientific classifications.

The viruses, classified by 'order', followed by 'family', 'subfamily', 'genus' and species have been organized according to their 'biological' relationship to each other.

The submenu above lists many of the more popular (i.e. human oriented) viral families, and the viral strains they contain, known to infect human hosts. Many of the viruses listed within these family names will be familiar to you. Many will be responsible for well known diseases.

Obviously, due to time and space constraints, not all of the many thousands of viruses will be listed here, and only some on the families (containing human infectious agents) will be listed here.

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