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Reverse Transcribing Viruses

Reverse Transcribing refers to the fact that the DNA compound is 'transcribed' out of the RNA molecular template rather than the other way around. Reverse Transcribing necessitates the interaction of a special enzyme known as 'Reverse Transcriptase', without would, the (RT) process could not happen.

Unfortunately, although rather more complex, the deadliness of (RT) viruses seems strengthened in relation to other, simpler biological viruses.

Viruses in this category include HIV, the virus responsible for the AIDS disease, as well as Hepatitis B, a well known form of hepatitis.

Fortunately however, because of the involvement of a particular key enzyme in the reverse transcription process, it is thus possible to 'maintain' the replication of the virus itself through anti-viral drugs, thus prolonging the life line of peoples infected with these viruses, or even possibly curing them of the virus altogether, depending on the nature an severity of the infection.

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